Cutting Edge Fly Fishing in Alaska

April 25th 2012

Halibut and Ling cod records ready to be broken:

Have you ever thought about trying for an IGFA fly fishing record? Icy bay Lodge in Alaska, renowned for “top water” fly fishing for silver salmon, offers the opportunity for fly anglers to pursue record breaking halibut and ling cod on light tippet. What makes Icy Bay attractive for record seekers? The area is relatively unpressured, big fish can be found in shallow water, access to a certified scale, the right boats and world class guides. Setting a new world is not easy, but to quote a hand painted sign found in a Florida Keys marina:

This is why -

Far better to dare mighty things to win glorious triumphs even though checkered with failure than to take ranks with those poor spirits who neither enjoy nor suffer much because they live in the grey twilight that knows not victory nor defeat.
-Theodore Roosevelt

Would you like to test your mettle? There is certainly pleasure in making a best effort. We can tailor the quest to your specific preferences.

“Top Water” silvers on dry flys in the brine:

Simply interested in “top water” casting to silver salmon in salt water? Icy Bay has unique salt water flats, where fly anglers can wade and sight cast to roaming, ocean fresh, Coho salmon. Silvers are a favored salmon on a fly rod, because they are aggressive and acrobatic. Anglers who enjoy stalking fish on the flats in the Bahamas, Ascension Bay and other eastern fisheries will love the energy and explosive power the salt water silver can deliver on a 9 weight fly rod. These are not river run fish, dark and diminished in the confines of a narrow channel, but rather, roaming, feeding silvers with plenty of attitude and stamina. Spot and stalk feeding silvers, or just wait for a school to swim by, present your dry fly and strip it like you would to a cruising permit or large bone fish, and look out! Icy Bay is the ultimate silver salmon experience.

Alaska Cast and Blast in September

Icy Bay enjoys good duck hunting in September and October. September offers a chance for combination duck hunting at dawn and dusk and casting for silvers during the day. Once October rolls around, the weather and the duck hunting gets real serious. Bring your own shotgun or borrow one from the lodge.